Welcome to the Support-Area of Playwatch

You can get Information on new features and upcoming releases on the Roadmap Page.

If you found a Bug or have an Idea how to enhance Playwatch, please feel free to go to the Tickets Page. There you can browse through all known Issues or create a new Ticket.

Creating new tickets

The policy for creating new tickets has changed. In the past, you had to login, to create a ticket. This is no longer necessary.

But: First, you have to go to the Preferences page and enter a name and a valid eMail address to create tickets.
Normally your preferences will be saved, so the next time you come here, your preferences should be already set-up.

The text you enter for the ticket must conform to some rules to be accepted. Otherwise, the Ticket will be marked as Spam!
One rule of thumb: Don't include more than two external links into the text.
If you just write a "normal" error-report or enhancement-request, it will most likely be accepted.

Your eMail-Address is only used to inform you about changes to the ticket you've created. Your eMail-Address is kept secure and will never be given to third parties.